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Head and Neck Block



Oral and Maxillofacial Regional Anesthesia

Oral surgical and dental procedures are routinely performed in an outpatient setting. Regional anesthesia is the most common method to anesthetize the patient prior to office based procedures. Many techniques can be employed to achieve anesthesia of the dentition and surrounding hard and soft tissues of the maxilla and mandible. The type of procedure to be performed as well as the location of the procedure will determine the technique of anesthesia to be used. Orofacial anesthetic techniques can be classified into three main categories: local infiltration, field block, and nerve block.
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Oral and Maxillofacial Regional Anesthesia Continued

Less often used in clinical practice, the maxillary nerve block (second division block) provides anesthesia of a hemimaxilla. This technique is useful for procedures that require anesthesia of multiple teeth and surrounding buccal and palatal soft tissue in one quadrant or when acute inflammation and infection preclude successful administration of anesthesia by the aforementioned methods.
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Oral and Maxillofacial Regional Anesthesia Continued

Recent developments in regional anesthesia have resulted in a number of innovative and refined options to practitioners, often allowing regional techniques to be used for patients with presumed difficult airways. However, not every surgery can be performed under regional anesthesia. In addition, even in the hands of the most skilled regional anesthesiologist, blocks are subject to a certain rate of complications or failure.
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